New Rack Extension!

New Rack Extension Synthesizer for Propellerhead Reason out now!

The Nautilus Bass Synthesizer is a mono/poly subtractive synthesizer.

Nautilus prev


3 oscillators:  Saw, Square, Sine.

Each oscillator is followed by their own wave-shaper, with each wave-shaper having it’s own Pre/Post setting for the filter routing.

So, we can imagine routing the filter section before the wave-shaper on the Saw Osc, but after the wave-shaper on the Square Osc etc.

Each Osc has their own Tune, Pitch LFO, Phase, Shape, Volume and Pan controls.

Random Phase On/Off switch on the Saw Osc.

Mono/Poly Switch (Eight Voices)

LP24 Filter.

2 x ADSR + velocity for filter and amp.

Glide Control.

Bend Range Control.

Master Octave.

Master Volume.

Master Compressor On/Off


Be sure to download the trial here!

/Skrock Music


4 thoughts on “New Rack Extension!

  1. this shit is incredible! simple, minimal, and fat as fu@k!!!!! very impressive.
    now, let’s talk shop.
    A) the bend knob should indicate the increments [steps] between octaves, NOT PERCENTAGE of 100%
    B) being that you have leftover space on the right side of the rack 9where those drawings are, maybe you can consider a bit crusher, overdrive or saturation knob.

    yes, this can be done with other RE’s but internally it could make the icing, “that much sweeter”

    best of luck, I know I’M aBOUT tO wRiTE sOME bANGERS wiTH tHiS oNE!!!


  2. I would like to thank you for creating “Nautilus Bass Synthesizer”. I bought it recently, and can’t seem to stop fiddling with it. I find myself turning to it again and again for all manner of uses. It makes me smile everytime. Thanks, guys.


  3. Thanks for Iridium & Nautilus. Simple synths that has that fantastic original sound. You don´t need to add 46 tons of fxs on top of the sound to get things moving. It´s like old classics synths from Moog, Arp, Yamaha, Korg etc they sound great from the beginning, you can hear it is Iridium directly from the sound. I have even started to listen to Cabaret Voltaire again after buying Iridium 🙂 Iridium is a really nasty sounding, simple synth with sounds that can be incorporated also with distorted guitars. Keep up the good work – develop more, small, cheap synths with different sonic sounds. I´ll buy all of them. (AOI -some of the very small knobs can be a bit fiddly). There are others doing these big synths with tons of fx to fix the sound, let them do that and keep on developing these small original sounding synths.


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