Aurora Hybrid Synthesizer Preview


Aurora Advanced Features PDF

Aurora is a hybrid synthesizer.

Let’s explain the hybrid part:

In Aurora we have 3 oscillators with 8 waveforms each. These waveforms can be tweaked in various ways by a control called X-Mod.

X-Mod controls all the waveforms in a different way like so:

Sawtooth – Phase
Stepped – Shape
Square – Pulse Width
Saw Oct – Shape
Organ – Morph / From Sine-wave to different organs
Bitredux – Morph / Bit-reduced Saw, Sine, Triangle
String – Shape
Distort – Morph

Here we find some waveforms that can be tweaked like most modern waveforms. Like phase-shifting a Sawtooth, or tweaking the pulse-width of a square waveform. Others act like wave-shapers, and others like wavetables.

A few select other features:


Each oscillator also features its own Modulation Matrix. Therefore modulation settings made on Oscillator 1 only affects that oscillator. That includes modulations to Cutoff/Resonance. This allows for some unique sonic capabilities.

Sources available are:

– + – Constant (Handy for adding even more control to the oscillator.)
KBD – Key-follow
Velo – Velocity
Mwheel – Mod Wheel
LFO1 – Low Frequency Oscillator 1
LFO2 – Low Frequency Oscillator 2
LFO3 – Low Frequency Oscillator 3
LFO4 – Low Frequency Oscillator 4
ADSR1 – Envelope 1
ADSR2 – Envelope 2
ADSR3 – Envelope 3
ADSR4 – Envelope 4

Destinations available are:

OFF – Offline, No modulation
Amp – Oscillator Volume
Pan – Oscillator Panning
Pitch – Oscillator Pitch
X-Mod – Oscillator X-Mod
Cutoff – Oscillator Cutoff
Reso – Oscillator Resonance

There we go! Check out the PDF for more details on Aurora, and we can’t wait for all the cool sounds Reason users will squeeze out of it after release.




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