Solaris Synthesizer

Solaris is a powerful 5 oscillator synthesizer that blends 9 sampled instruments like piano, strings, brass (even didgeridoo) with 14 wavetables to create the sounds of today, all the way back to the era of 80’s movie soundtracks.

Solaris Front back

Solaris Features PDF



3 thoughts on “Solaris Synthesizer

  1. Own and love the solaris/nautilus sound, but for the life of me I cant seem to find pitch bend amount on either rack.

    Is it possible to increase the pb amount up to +/-24 semis with either rack? If so.. how?
    Wasn’t specified in manuals and I definitely don’t see it on either GUI.

    Could I request +/- 24 semi pitchbend control if not currently available?
    I know nautilus has a 0.00-100.00% pitchbend amt equating to +/-12 semi I think, which is cool for experimental automation but a pain for harmonic automation once I am dialing things in (having both semi/cent control would be nice though..on both lol!).

    Thx and happy to pay for update(s)


    1. Hi Spence!

      I’ll look into adding a mode for selecting the range from – 24 + 24 semi in an update. Should be an easy thing to add.
      Can’t say when that update would be available but it will be free unless I also add something substantial.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂



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